B2B Stars

12 months program for B2B startups that want to boost sales.

B2B Stars

Who we are?

We are a B2B expert community and knowledge hub made of founders, salespeople, mentors, strategic partners and investors organized by the University of Economics in Prague.

In January 2019 we will launch the first batch of our 12-month growth program focused on B2B sales.

Who are we looking for?

B2B Tech Startups

Startups focusing on clever solution of validated problems from the Enterprise or Public Sector space.

Global Ambitions

You aim to expand your business to the US and / or other international markets suitable to your business.

Working Product

Your solution is already in use at several paying customers.

What do we offer?

Participation in a 12 month growth program laser-focused on business growth. Dedicated expert sales and marketing mentors will coach your team step-by-step to help you reach your customer acquisition goals by sharing strong, proven and effective sales practices. Plus you will get:


Modern office in the building dedicated exclusively to B2B community of peers, partners, and investors for 12 months


200 hours of tailored outbound sales and inbound marketing training for CEO and the sales team


With the help of UC Berkeley, we have built up the extensive network in Silicon Valley that you can benefit from

Who is responsible for quality?


Jakub Stransky

Project manager

Founder of Techambition, the most widley used commercial ed-tech product in Czech schools.


Jakub Hon

Outbound sales expert

Founder of SalesDock, remote sales team used by Stories.bi, Price(f)X, ForcePoint, Tableau, Y-Soft and much more.


Lorenzo Bolognini

Inbound marketing expert

Founder of Digital Marketing Clinic, worked on marketing projects for Microsoft, Nestlé or Reckitt Benckiser.

What do we ask for?

1 300 EUR per month + VAT

Next step?

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