B2B Stars

Programs for B2B startups that want to boost sales.

Founders Academy starts on July 1! Learn more.

B2B Stars

Who we are?

We are a B2B expert community and knowledge hub. Our mission is to help B2B startups develop a world-class outbound sale and inbound marketing teams, skills, infrastructure and processes.

Who we are looking for?

B2B Startups

Startups focusing on validated problems from the enterprise sector.

Global Ambitions

You aim to expand your business internationally.

Working Product

You have a working solution or a committed team able to bring it to life.

Programs for startups:

Participation in any B2BStars program means our sales and marketing experts work together with your team on the challenges that are ahead of you. In the process, you and your team will develop skills and build the infrastructure necessary to scale your business.

Founders Academy | starting on July 1, 2019!

25 hours of tailored education in 6 weeks

Price: 1 200 EUR + VAT

  • Sales process

    3 hours workshop + 2 hours 1 on 1

    How to get quickly to your ideal customer.

  • Sales Plan + Bonus Structure + KPI

    3 hours workshop + 2 hours 1 on 1

    Goals, plans, and commissions that will motivate your salespeople.

  • Hiring

    3 hours workshop + 2 hours 1 on 1

    How to attract the best salespeople and make them succeed.

  • CRM + Lead Generation

    3 hours workshop + 2 hours 1 on 1

    Are you aware of all the stuff that could be done automatically in your sales process?

  • Leading Sales Department

    3 hours workshop + 2 hours 1 on 1

    You need to satisfy your sales team as a leader.

Sales Academy | starting in fall 2019

6 months, 200 hours of tailored education

1 300 EUR per month + VAT (optionally you can get dedicated office from 300 EUR per month + VAT)

  • Tell the fascinating story of your business, describe your ideal customers and explain the pricing.

  • Define efficient processes and automatize them, create your database quickly, set the right goals and rewards for the sales team, get reporting in the real-time, disqualify any lead that is not worth your time ASAP and create a great sales deck for those leads that are.

  • Write the emails that will be read, use calls the way that your customer will enjoy talking to you, bring relevant feedback from the meeting, make sure you are developing features that someone will pay for, learn to work with negative feedback, get always above the line, manage your pipeline efficiently and close the deals when the time is right!

  • Work with your pipeline and funnels to speed-up closing and growth. Yes, this will never stop :-)

  • You will not be alone in it!

Marketing Academy | starting in fall 2019

6 months, 200 hours of tailored education

1 300 EUR per month + VAT (optionally you can get dedicated office from 300 EUR per month + VAT)

  • Who are your marketing personas and what they want to learn about?

  • Define measurable funnels, get the best out of SEO, measure the reality of your PPC campaigns, create a clear dashboard and monitor any digital activity possible.

  • Write the way that makes people want to read more, get influencers on your side, create the content calendar suitable for your team, media planning, and buying, understand your result and ask your customers for the feedback the right way. Use account-based marketing when needed.

  • Use the measurements to generate the most qualified leads possible.

  • We will be together in it.

Who is responsible for quality?


Jakub Stransky

Project manager

Founder of Techambition, the most widley used commercial ed-tech product in Czech schools.


Jakub Hon

Outbound sales expert

Founder of SalesDock, remote sales team used by Stories.bi, Price(f)X, ForcePoint, Tableau, Y-Soft and much more.


Lorenzo Bolognini

Inbound marketing expert

Founder of Digital Marketing Clinic, worked on marketing projects for Microsoft, Nestlé or Reckitt Benckiser.

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